the education

for all of eternity

but never
any education for the procurement

of all this


and fake imagination

meaning all this damage done

needing all citizens
of this universe

the creator

of this universe
can be easily said
to represent perfection

but a new world arising today

can just
be the beginning
of any fulfillment for
this creation

this needing
the perfect sapiens
for this fulfillment

so we need
the perfect air conditioning
for our all buildings

so that we are sustainable
and well protected

from the imperfect nature
going towards our own fulfillment

we as well need nucleur power rovers
who give us the necessary transportation
needed for all the fulfillment of creation
our humanity and every one human

we as well need the abolition
of all these predatory animals
so they do not eat any humans

being needed for the fulfillment
and do not eat our nourishment away
ergo ... useful animals

of course we need the elimination
of the secular state ... of the democratic
the capitalistic criminal economy
of money in general

we do not need a theocracy either
because we are the perfect humans
and know that we

can not exercise power
we have to understand everything ourselves

of course
we have to forget this idea
of a heavenly paradise

since we can not perfect creation
in heaven

but we need earthly biology
to create dams

for inland navigation
for the generation of energy
the storage of this energy
ergo ... solar power

preventing flood disasters
the creation of an infinite food supply
water storage for dry periods

galactic design

so we know that a paradise on earth
being just soo easy to create

we just need
the evolved people perfected

knowing now
that a heavenly paradise
not the answer to the needs
of an un perfect creation
to being perfected

we need the wisdom
transferred to every woman
who know that a heavenly paradise
not the ultimate meaning in their existence
of cource not this destruction
of every environment
every human


creation needing
competing wisdom

not only to
guarding creation

not only to saving
every environment

not only to saving
every homo sapiens
from becoming


we need
the perfected
homo sapiens

perfecting creation
and thereby realizing
the vision of creation


we need all of education
for the perfection
of all of



they are becoming fulfilled
through fulfilling cosmic  humanity
and thereby creation

so ... we know now
that god being not all powerful
he needs the homo sapiens who competeing

with wisdom

humans x trillion

on a million x million worlds
in this universe

but just the opposite
being the reality on this world

everyone just wanting the freedom
to prevent any and all solutions
causeing all this harm

preventing any fulfillment
any and every future

since all of these being failures

perfect suicides

first degree


so ... not yet
even potential sapiens
just a pityful plague

the one danger to the universe
since all of these only harming
not possibly being of any value

hence the galactic plague control
will have to come

the galactic foundation


needing a human race

because there they are free
creating more value every day
for themselfs and their humanity
as well as fulfilling creation

there while any pest
a mass of competing idiots
needing anarchy rights

every day more damage done
because a majority
is fundamentally

not a rightous state
no value it all

only a means to power
so coming to power

so making
the seizure

because competing parties
guaranteeing all this damage
safeguarding destruction interests

but humans always will
want to create values

an ever better future
achieve security

abolish all harm
no pointless work

because of all this vermin
created by this liberal
anarchic order

abolishing any value

up to their very own existence
up to a 2nd venus

all life !

so steaming seas + 100 meters higher
all humus burned and converted to co2
so no more oxygen
so only rubble
and rocks

because all of these
not only creating no value
meaning humans with value
environment with value

humans being the only lawful ones
because every pest is wrong
not at all legal

only humans
have a right to exist
every pest being illegal

so humans are not
defined according to genetic origin
but whether they are capable
of knowing what

being right or wrong !

whether they can explain
what they are doing ?

whether they can argue
whether they believe in the values
being a human is in reality ?

do you believe in the cosmic religion ?
so where the fulfillment of the cosmos
being the first priority

and each person
with their own fulfillment
contribute to this fulfillment of all ?

so we neither have the freedom
to believe what we want
we only have

one dogma !

only cosmic reality
that everyone can grasp
be the rule for all

in contrast to this
being just a driven pack
developed from their own failure
because this environment is too horrible
for any one person to suffer

since they do not even know
what they really do

they should be at least under state supervision
for as long as they do not have any arguments

what value do you create ?
with your existence

or are you just helping
other pest ?

you are just looking for a purpose
in all this non sense

for the maintenance of your existence
so only the darwinian selection

so only  like any dodo

who is bragging about and
laying as many eggs as possible

so just refer to the present
adapt to circumstances

because every one homo sapiens
will never be going along with a crowd
will adjust

he never compromises
never making probaganda

always will
strive for a rightous state
for all of eternity

because every pest
only operateing an opinion state
where everyone can believe what harm
he at the expense of his future
his human dignity can do

as long as he is fanning the swarm
in his madness

this is therefore not worth while at all
can not be any thing worthy
from all ... any harm

or even that every one harm
the greatest good for their existence

they have an anti all negativity
where everything revolves around the damage
and the joy of it doing

destroying higher quality
out of jealousy that they are worth
all this damage

so the jesus christ x
the giordano bruno shut down
the galieo finishing off

the siblings scholl
not hearing

that man not all of these
senseless work can do !
a whole country

in ruins
so work senselessly like today

it follows
that everything we do now
must pay off

not for a year
not for decades
not for hundreds of years
not for thousands of years

not for millions of years
not for a thousand  millions of years

trillions ...

real trillions 1 xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

but for an eternity

and all that this
being not of value to eternity
will be worth not nothing

but being a destructing
of all our fulfillment

the argumentocracy

do you have any idea ?
that you are being

your most dangerous enemy
doing nothing but saving

your vanity

since you are not even allowed
to knowing

that you have nothing to want

homo sapiens foundation

just doing damage

to yourself
the universe

every one trying

to help you

only homo sapiens


humans can save a world
no vermin ... no predator pack

and that all of them are not humans
everyone can see that in this pack of predators
predator can lead around rights guaranteed

and predator rights
can never be human rights
so we have guaranteed on here
no legal ... no real state

since human rights clearly prescribe
that human rights are enforceable
without ifs and buts

so we have to ... before anything else
make the human rights enforceable
since without human rights
no homo sapiens

so no future

because in a predator pack
every environment will be squandered
to comeing to power

to staying in power

so that can only result
what ?


everyone the last centuries
being able to see

an exponential destruction
from everyone around the world

of every person
for an vanity procurement

for this fata morgana

so that
what all these ... so every one pope
hundreds of guarantees since all these years
these sinners have a place in heaven
to guarantee

so the same
that every problematic
of each party guarantee
a place in paradise


" there is the glittering water up front "

because homo sapiens argue
guarantee a real solution to all problems

and they can not even
to present an argument
that me here

that could convince me
that they were even legal !

quality ?

have nothings !
want nothings !

because their whole existence

yes ...

the collective task
that all of these failures

so these competing
vanity ... purchases
not be disturbed

and continue to mean
they would be the highest
in this universe

there while they are the last

provable by

the case of giordano bruno

which was the highest
that had reached this world
and because all these others
had nothing

rome had to compel him

to humble

and shut up death

since none of these others
even would have had a chance
competeing with him

just like today
none of these have a chance
with me here too even discussing
their failure ...

you will not believe it
after the centuries of probaganda

that a democracy
being the end of every human being
every world will be

but I will be here with you
trying once with examples

to you this horrible reality
so to convey

that you will be ending up
you cannot do anything else
but believe it >>>

that the quality of a problematic
being any such a politician here on

that he will all problems of
these voters as the highest good
than his own interests
to guarantee

So he will be in any democracy
competing in one with multiple parties

all competitive problems guaranteed
so as the all descriptive

" create ... what work creates "

so the idea of ​​creating problems
because we should actually all the pointless
get rid of all harmful work
and only create values
maintain values

because people enslaved in any siberian
forced labor camp not one worthy of a human

but no a democracy is there for that
only problems for every human race for so long
to urge >>> until you have no resistance
left to do more

from passed out about this insanity
that there are always only problems
those created by all those
competing problems

because every criticism
out of necessity of conservation
of problem existence
be fended off

with the power of a majority

So any such democracy
cannot have any human rights at all
guarantee enforceable

let alone realize it

but for every problem climate tilting rights
to guarantee

the same with all this tire wear
who dumped all over the landscape
damage guaranteed

to everyone around the world

of every person
who have no interests at all
since no party on the idea
will come


forbiding flights directly to a 2nd venus
So the end goal of all of these
So 100 ° C hot rocks

without humus
with only sand and rubble ...


going forward millions x millions
when this universe will no longer be providing
new solar systems for new populations

there will be the need
to having new creators

creating a new universe
in any new empty space

long before

in the same way

before this creation
of this universe

there have to be endless
other universa haveing been created
most likely

it being like any evolution
only after many trials
will perfection

be coming into place

one more note

any creation
will not be limited to
any single creator

we can take as many as a trillion
1 xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx spirits
knowing how to create

a new universe
out of nothing

since any such
will be needing no new energy
since it consisting

of equal parts of negative
and postive energy

and with a trillion
we will be having a new universe
a trillion times faster

every human will
guarantee human rights
and as soon as someone does not guarantee
those human rights

he can not be a human at all

but something
contrary to the fulfillment of a humanity
so a predator .. a plague
or other harm

or one of those many unconstitutional
senseless work prescriptive parties

just all these vultures ... cannibals
and kgb agents and their environmentally harmful
state forced labor

of all these parties
that are contrary to all human rights

so we have
no order worthy
of a humanity

just all this glorified harm
to people and the environment

so we
have no freedom
here all over this world
to being a human being

being a homo sapiens
with sanity and responsibility
for a future

for which
the human dignity is guaranteed

his freedom to be a human

not this humiliation orgy
this all enslavement to suicide

to this suicide attack

so only harm everywhere
since everyone has rights to harm

and human rights have
every harm from every person
to hold off

only then can man kind
to be fulfilled as a humans
and not as a pest

so we have
nothing to lose
just all this fake

this vanity

and all this rulership
to all rhis guaranteed death
to reaching

of course to every person
to despair

holding frozen in powerlessness

since all of them
a consciousness have missing
about their senseless
harmful existence

but only to win by finally
guaranteeimg human rights

these all
have nothing to want
only the savor of their damage
that they can do this at all
because they should
have to

because they were enslaved

so crazy

that they do not even notice
taking part in this damaging orgy
and everyone who is not as enslaved yet

they can despair
how they themselves became desperate
of their environment once upon a time
and all for death only

" long live the madness of the masses
until their death "

as soon as the climate changes
as soon as there is 10 meters
of sea level increase

as soon as there is a 2nd venus

so we have no humanity at all
but the madness of the masses
the perfect absurdity

the cosmic institute

the eternity institute

the utopian institute

a utopian land

the argumentocracy

galactic university
sapiens foundation
the science for a future



galactic central information